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Vermont slates
Garden room
roof turret
low pitch extension
Rosemary tiled roof
Brazilian slates
Chinise slates
Bangor Blue slates
10x6 porch

Bespoke one of homes, self builds and extensions can in many ways be more difficult to manage

than repetitive building of similar house types on developments.


Our Supply & Fix roofing service is also the ideal solution for these types of roofs.

As well as all the normal benefits of choosing supply and fitting of your roof,

  • Complete Roofing Service, making us responsible for the whole roof.

  • Properly Insured, our insurance protects you and our staff on site.

  • Properly Trained Staff, who know how to work with your selected products.

  • Health & Safety Compliant.

  • Supply & Fit, hassle free, no over ordering of materials or hidden costs


You can also be confident we will be on site when you need us,


  • With help and guidance on suitable roofing materials and options to suit you project

  • To work with your other trades to ensure roofing details are correct and your finish is perfect

  • And to complete the work on time

  • we will make sure at least the roofing part of your build is hassle free

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